Ashley Conner is a fiction copy editor who collaborates with publishing and literary services companies. As an editing specialist, Ashley transforms manuscripts into publish-ready masterpieces, while displaying thoroughness and professionalism with each project.


Ashley's involvement with creative writing grants her the opportunity to appreciate thrilling, imaginitive tales, and as a dynamic editor she prides herself in making those stories more clear, consistent, and concise.



Ashley Conner is more than an editor. She is a creative entrepreneur with an astute appreciation for the power of books. Before embarking on a career in editing, Ashley worked in the accounting field. She credits her educational investment and love of literature for boosting her to fulfill her dreams as an editor and business owner.


Ashley enjoys helping authors polish their manuscripts by improving clarity and grammar. She is passionate about the craft of editing, and loves molding original work into exceptional pieces, while maintaining each storytellers' unique voice and creative style.


Copy Editing

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation

Clarity, Consistency, Conciseness

Includes: Style Sheet


100,000 words = $500

200,000 words = $900

300,000 words = $1,275

400,000 words = $1,600

500,000 words = $1,875



The Golden Viper by Sean Robins
Blackwing by Stehen Drake
The Kalis Experiments book 1.jpg
Psy Touch by A.D. McLain
Trouble in Trondheim by Mats Vederhus
Lady Shade by Ymir A. Lethe
The Slow Rise of Clara Daniels by Christy English
Meatspace by Asa Tait
Ophelia by Briana Rain
Among the Dead: Part Two: Fear No Evil by Ryan Colle
Rich Man's Daughter by Betty McLain
The Curse (Roxanne Fosch 0.5) by Jina S. Bazzar
The East Road USA Version - The Roads of
Deadly Game: The Horns of the Rhino by Dr. Robert E. Marx

 Ashley conner

Fiction Copy Editor

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